Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aurora and Letters

Aurora loves being read to; she's constantly asking for stories.  When I read to her, I often follow along the words with my finger so that Aurora gets the idea that those funny black shapes actually mean something.  When she was very small, around 13 or so months, she began running up to various signs with large letters and pointing at the individual letters while jabbering.  She apparently really wants to learn how to use those funny black shapes. :)
Not too long ago, we began to point out specific letters and tell her what they were.  We started with "A" for "apple" because apples are one of her favorite snacks.  She didn't seem to really care, so I didn't worry about it.  Fast-forward to a few days ago. I heard her running down the hallway saying "apple, apple."  I assumed she wanted an apple and went to talk to her.  I found her pointing at an "A" repeating "apple, apple" quite insistently.  I was impressed and told her that letter was an "A" and "apple" starts with an "A."  Then I started pointing out other letters that were related to things she loved (B for baby, C for car).
Just a day or two ago we were eating dinner and Aurora started saying "A" and "E."  I looked over at her plate, a Veggie Tales plate with the words "God made you special and loves you very much" written around the edge, and watched as she pointed at the correct letter and said it. Of course, she only knew 2 letters, but she was pointing at both upper case and lower case letters and getting them right--I have never worked on lower case letters with her!
So we have begun to point out even more letters related to important things.  So far, her alphabet goes like this: A for apple, B for baby, C for car, D for daddy, E for ear, M for mommy, S for socks.  That seems like enough for now.  But what am I going to do with this kid? She hardly talks and is already trying to learn her letters!!
Then, of course, there are days when every single letter is "uMmmmm" (M) or "ample" (A). :)


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