Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fighting Sleep

Last night was an odd and somewhat frustrating night.  We got Aurora ready for bed and "down" to bed at her bedtime (8pm), but Aurora was not ready for bed.  She wanted to run back and forth across the room, twirl in circles, and jump on the bed.  After a few minutes of trying to calm her down, I decided that I wasn't helping anything and left her in her room with the promise that I'd check on her in 30 minutes.

After more than an hour of goofing off in her room, I finally found an idea to help her get the idea of relaxing.  I asked her to pretend to sleep until mommy came back in 30 minutes to check on her.  Thirty minutes passed and all was quiet in her room. I cracked the door open and saw her snuggled against a pillow with her eyes closed. 

"What a great relief! She's finally asleep!" 

I stepped into the room to cover her with a blanket and saw her cheek twitch. Then the corner of her mouth moved, sliding upward into a precious smile.  She opened her little eyes and looked up at me, so proud of herself for pretending to sleep so well.

I cuddled with her for a few minutes and talked to her about how well she was doing trying to sleep and not crying at all. I told her sometimes it was hard to sleep (obviously) and that mommy was proud of her being so quiet and waiting for mommy so nicely.  Then I tucked her in again and asked her to pretend to sleep for 30 more minutes.  The next time I checked on her she was truly asleep, thankfully--at 10:30pm!

This morning I got my answer as to why it was so tough for Aurora to fall asleep last night: she cut her two right eye teeth last night! Yay!  Hopefully the other two are soon to follow and we can be done with this almost 7 week stretch of rough sleep.


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