Friday, September 17, 2010

A Walk with Aurora 3

One of our new favorite places here in Wooster is the Secrest Arboretum and Flower Gardens. The park, since there's no better word to describe it, has lots of twisting, turning paths and an amazing variety of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. We go there at least 3 times a week to run around.

Contemplating the bright sunlight and warm day.

Wandering slowly past the Brown-eyed Susans--yellow is her favorite color, so it's rather hard to get her to move faster than slow when she sees anything that color.

But once we got past those flowers, she made a bee-line for her favorite place: a rock fountain.

The water is nice and cool and she usually gets soaked before we move on.

Blowing a good-bye kiss to the water fountains.

Mommy, look how much taller than you I am!

Oh, look! Rocks! There are several beds of rocks scattered throughout the park and we have to stop at each one and examine the rocks. Then I get the fun task of convincing Aurora that the rocks need to stay where they are, rather than coming home with us.

Then we trekked back across the park to get a drink from the beloved drinking fountain. Nevermind that I had her cup with me, she wanted to drink from the drinking fountain. :)

Across the road, into the rose gardens. Aurora enjoyed picking up and throwing fallen crab apples.

Enjoying some shade! It was a warm day.

Finally, we settled down under one particularly shady tree to wait. Why wait? Because we were meeting daddy for lunch!

But Aurora got hungry, so she got a cracker to hold her over. It's a good thing the park is only a minute or so away from daddy's work!

Finally, daddy showed up and we got our yummy food.

When lunch was over, Aurora wanted to help carry stuff back to the car. But she wanted to carry her booster seat, which was obviously way to heavy...

She stubbornly made it a few feet, but then I was able to convince her to trade the seat for the quilt. It worked out much better for her. :)

And then we went home. Aurora took a nice long nap and mommy probably ate something cold and frozen and yummy. Also known as ice cream. :)


Post-script: This post was scheduled several weeks ago to run on this day. Yesterday evening the campus on which the Secrest Arboretum and Gardens is located was hit by a tornado. We have not been able to go see the damage, but driving by on the freeway we could tell that many of the trees were snapped or twisted in two. I can guarantee that the gardens do not look like this today....

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