Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pictures from Momma & Poppa's Visit

The second weekend of August, we enjoyed a visit from my parents. This was the first time they had visited us since we moved to Ohio, so we enjoyed showing them around our new favorite places.

Aurora especially loved seeing Momma and Poppa--probably as much as they loved seeing her! :)

She had fun making faces for Poppa's camera--what a goofball.

And, of course, giving them lots and lots of wonderful, charming smiles.

She made all sorts of other faces, especially the sad, whimpering kind of ones that made Momma want to kiss every little "owie" that Aurora could imagine. Aurora loved it--so did Momma.


And chocolate--what a wonderful life.

They helped us get a new family photo (that huge grin on Aurora's face wouldn't have been possible without Momma's goofiness).

And Aurora was as adorable as ever.

What a silly girl. She misses her Momma and Poppa.


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