Friday, July 2, 2010

A Girl and Her Chair

A few weeks ago, while we were getting ready for our camping trip, we stopped by a sports store that was having a sale. They had small sized camping chairs for children, so we decided that since they were 50% off we wanted to get one for Aurora. They had three colors: green, blue, and purple. I pulled out a purple one and set Aurora on it, convinced that she would like that one best. She, however, had other ideas. She jumped off the chair and headed straight to the blue chair and sat herself down on it. Obviously, that was her choice.

We took her off of it and started folding it up to take it to the register. She protested quiet loudly and had to keep one hand on it at all times. :) We brought it home and set it up for her, since she apparently loved it so much, and she immediately started dragging it every where with her. Even after having it for at least a month, she still insists on dragging it out to the porch every time she's out there (she generally brings it back in, too). She simply loves this little chair.

Then she discovered a new activity to do with her chair....

It's a great slide!

I'll be surprised if this chair lasts the full year...but at least it's well-loved. :)

(For those reading on facebook, please visit to view the video.)

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