Monday, June 14, 2010

What we did in Washington...6!

And NOW....probably the most anticipated post of my "What we did in Washington" series...the part where we meet Sonja! ;)

For those who didn't know to anticipate this post, Sonja is my cousin's little girl who is only 2 months older than Aurora. As far as I know, we all (meaning all of the relatives who talked about it) were excited to get the two girls together just to see what they would do together.

Both girls are busy little ones, so getting a decent picture of them was really hard.

They enjoyed checking out each others' sippy cups... it was a high point in our visit. ;)

They loved this little fire engine thing--with the batteries taken out (why would that be??? Aunt Linda?)

They had fun making the fire engine go back and forth and back and forth and...well, just watch:

They sat nicely for a while and Sonja shared her coasters with Aurora. :)

By the end of the visit, Sonja was running around the house calling for "Rora" every time Aurora disappeared. Aurora just ran around and enjoyed being out of her carseat--I don't think she really cared where she was as long as it wasn't in the carseat!

And they were both sad to say good-bye. :(

Stay tuned for the last installment of what we did in Washington!

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