Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Not too long after Aurora's nap, I was "working" on the computer--probably browsing a forum or facebook. Aurora came up to me and started pulling on my arm, grabbing my hand and pulling it from the keyboard, etc. Obviously, she wanted to take me somewhere--which she normally does when she wants to ask me to do something for her. I decided to take the lazy route and see if it would work. So I told her, "Aurora, how about you bring what you want to mommy rather than taking mommy to it?" I didn't think I was clear enough for her to understand, but she ran off after that. A few minutes later, I heard her coming down the hall, obviously struggling with something slightly large for her. She reached our door and peeked in, quite proud of herself. She had dragged our "outside" blanket down the hall to me in our bedroom to show me what she wanted!

I picked up the blanket and gave her my hand and she led me to our porch, which she loves to play on and we've used the blanket on it numerous times. I spread it out and she did a happy, squealing dance on it. I left to grab my water bottle and a book or something and came back to find that she had moved half of her toys out onto the blanket in the 2 minutes I was gone! Apparently she not only knew what she wanted, but she also had plans for it once she got what she wanted! I was quite impressed with her level of understanding and apparent planning for her age.

She's so smart! ;) (Proud mommy moment!)


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