Monday, June 21, 2010


This past weekend we went camping at Salt Fork State Park with several other families who I know from an online community I've been a part of for 2+ years now. It was lots of fun to finally meet the ladies behind the screen names. What a strange world we live in these days, really. I'd never been group camping before, so it was certainly an interesting experience.

Between the four families there were 18 kids, ranging in age from 9ish months all the way up to around 15 or 16 years old. Aurora had an absolute blast running around with all the kids. She, of course, wanted to play with all the "big kids"--not the babies closer to her age. Thankfully, there were several of the big kids who enjoyed carting her around with them, though I still had to keep an eye on her because she liked to take off and try to go visit other campsites across the road. She's a friendly little one. :)

The "big outing" of the weekend was going to the lake on Saturday morning. Last time we were at a beach, Aurora screamed every time we put her in the sand. I was hoping that she had grown out of that, but no such luck. She spent quite a bit of time hanging out on a blanket, just playing by herself, because she refused to touch the sand.

At one point, she decided to try to come down to me (I was near the waterline, playing in the sand with one of the other mothers). She made it two steps off of the blanket, realized that she was standing in sand, tried to turn around, fell on her bottom, and started wailing. I had to run "rescue" her because she couldn't manage to get back on the blanket by herself. However, the allure of all the other kids playing in the sand and water finally convinced her to try out the wet sand, which she managed to handle. She spent the rest of her time at the beach grabbing sand toys and throwing them into the water. :) She didn't ever really play in the sand and didn't venture very far into the water, but she did finally have some real beach fun.

The rest of the time, we just hung out around the campsite and ate yummy food--which Aurora managed almost always to make quite messy.

Corn on the cob...


Pancakes and bacon...

Wil enjoyed teaching games to some of the kids. He brought several card games--only Pass the Pigs got played--and Ladder ball (AKA Bolo toss, Bolo golf, Amish golf, Ladder golf, etc.). The kiddos kept asking about Bocce ball, which we also had, but we never managed to organize a game.

Otherwise, we just hung out around the campsite, talked, and attempted to keep tabs on the many children who were everywhere. :)

There are more photos of our camping trip in a photo album under our "Photos" tab at Go check them out!


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