Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Official!

We will be saying good-bye to dear old Dayton and our alma mater, Bryan College, at the end of this month. Wil has been offered, and accepted, a job in Wooster, OH. He will be setting up, organizing, managing, and doing analysis on a database belonging to a US Dept. of Agriculture Wheat-testing lab. He's quite excited about it--especially because he gets to be a real scientist! :) He might even get a lab coat!

In reality, he's most looking forward to the challenge of the job. He loves running complicated mathematical stuff on gobs of data and discovering interesting trends and stuff from the raw data. Don't you love my technical explanation? ;)

So, anyways, Aurora and I will be saying good-bye to Dayton on the 18th, when we leave to fly to Washington with my parents to see both sets of my grandparents and many of our relatives up there (none of whom have met Aurora). Wil's last day of work at Bryan is also the 18th, and after dropping me off at my parents' home, he will be returning to Dayton to pack up the house and move while I am gone.

We will miss our friends here in Dayton, but are excited about this new phase in our lives.

Thanks for all the grand times!


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