Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park

We love being outside, especially Aurora. She loves being out in the open, feeling the wind in her hair, and being able to run as fast as she can as far as she can. Here in Dayton, we have a nice little park that is completely cut off from any roads, so she is about as safe as she can be when she runs off. There's also a little toddler play area that we enjoy setting up near, so that she can play on it while Wil and I play with the frisbee--or with her, depending upon if she wants us or not.

This particular Sunday afternoon, we took our lunch to the park for a picnic! Piggies in a blanket: mmmm!

Messy strawberries--her favorite!!

Playing peek-a-boo with the camera...

Goofy girl. :)

She can go down the slide by herself! Wheee!

That's all for now.


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