Friday, April 30, 2010

Water Play

One hot afternoon, I decided that Aurora and I needed to do something a bit different. So I filled up a small bucket with water, dumped a few pretty glass beads into the bottom and let Aurora play. (While I took pictures, of course.)

It took her a bit to get used to the water (even though she loves her baths), but she eventually realized she could grab the beads and she had a blast!

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Water on her face. :) I love the wrinkled nose.

Then she decided she wanted to try to pick up the bucket. She managed to get it a little ways, but then I moved it out under the sun for her.

Precious small hands.


Carrying it some more.

She managed to carry the bucket across the driveway and a little ways up the embankment on the other side, but then she slipped and spilled the water and beads everywhere. And that was the end of that game.


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