Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Walk with Aurora 2 (Lots of pictures!)

One day after lunch with Daddy, we decided to walk him back to work. Aurora wasn't too sure she wanted to go--she was hoping if she held back, Daddy would stay and play for the afternoon.

So Daddy carried her for a while.

After dropping Daddy off at his office, Aurora enjoyed running back down the hall to get out to the wonderful, magical world of the outside!

Rather than heading home (why would she ever do that?), she took off in a nearly opposite direction--and she wanted to see everything along the way.

A light nearly as tall as she is....

A door on the back side of the building...

The grass, or leaves, or whatever bug may have been crawling across the ground...

All the cars that looked so fun to play with...

Aw, mom, what do you mean I can't play in the parking lot?

So instead she climbed the stairs...

And watched all the cars and people from above.

And then took off and ran across a flower bed.

We headed home--or tried to--she kept trying to take side trips to check out all sorts of interesting things. :)

But we finally made it home, which she was not happy about.

What a sad little face. She loves being outside so much.

But it was time to say bye-bye and go down for a nap.

Walks with Aurora are always exciting!


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