Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Adorable Girl

Aurora is simply and absolutely adorable. And she knows it--which is fine with me because that means she'll be even more adorable when she sees a camera. :)

She loves playing with random things that wouldn't normally be thought of as toys--sometimes trying to help, but mostly just playing.

She empties every container large enough for her to sit in--it makes quite a mess--and simply loves being inside of boxes, drawers, laundry baskets, you name it!

She loves playing outside. She gets angry every time we close one of our outside doors--the poor kiddo hopes that every time it opens, she'll be allowed to go out and play.

And she makes the most adorable faces. She's always been very expressive with her face and it's lots of fun to watch it develop as she grows.

Yep, we've got quite the cutie!


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