Monday, April 19, 2010

A Great Weekend for a Wedding!

Two college friends of ours, Chuck Rose and Ashley Markusson, were getting married this past Saturday. Wil was asked to be Chuck's best man (Chuck was Wil's best man), so we made plans to be there for as long as Chuck and Ashley needed us. We drove up Friday afternoon, got settled in the hotel room and then Wil headed out for the rehearsal. The first thing Aurora and I did was take a nap.

Wil called to let us know he was on he was to get us for the rehearsal dinner not too long after Aurora woke up. Aurora was having so much fun trying to walk on the bed, that I had to take a picture--in the mirror. :)

We played in the park for a few minutes before heading to the dinner--Aurora looked adorable in her little hat and dress.

We had lots of fun with everyone involved in the wedding and had a wonderful meal--even Aurora got her own plate of food! Wil dropped us off at the hotel and headed out for the bachelor's party. I found a movie I wanted to watch on TV and Aurora and I played until it was bedtime. Aurora's favorite game was trying to walk on the bed--so I took a video of her silliness. :)

The next day was the wedding. We all got dressed up and looked wonderful. I didn't end up taking any pictures of the actual wedding or bride and groom--just of Aurora. :)

She looked precious in her yellow dress. If we had just had wings to put on her, she would have looked like a fairy. :)

Aurora spent most of the wedding and reception just running around and climbing these stairs. I was told many, many times that she was quite the energetic little girl. As if I didn't know that already....

But everyone loved having her running around and I got lots and lots of exercise!

We didn't get a family photo--we were too tired by the time we had a chance--but I did manage to get one of me and Aurora.

(For those reading on facebook, please visit to view the video.)

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