Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter dawned bright and sunny. We chose not to go to any sunrise services, mostly because we prefer to get as much sleep as possible when Aurora lets us sleep. We took a laid-back approach this year--only buying 6 plastic eggs and digging out an old stuffed lamb of mine to give to Aurora.

While cinnamon rolls baked in the oven, Aurora got to have her own private egg "hunt." Nevermind that we had to point out the first egg and convince her to check out the other ones. We had filled the eggs with decorative glass "beads," the kind you buy at the store to put around flowers to make them pretty. So each egg made a nice rattling sound. At first Aurora was angry that I wouldn't open the eggs for her--she wanted to get at the rattling stuff! But she eventually figured out how to open them on her own and she was quite happy after that.

Later on, we all went outside to play while Daddy and Mommy worked on our yummy lunch. We gave Aurora some sidewalk chalk to try out. She made a few light marks on the sidewalk, then decided to taste it--yuck!

But she did seem to enjoy playing with the bucket. She took the pieces of chalk out and put them in and took them out and put them in. Over and over and over again.

Then she started begging for Daddy to share some of the food he was preparing. Since we had bought a fresh pineapple to barbeque, Wil gave her a small piece of that. She seemed to like it.

We had a late lunch (while Aurora napped--poor kid missed out on all the food) and played a little longer before church. Our Sunday evening closed, as always, with our quiet church service--in which Aurora was anything but quiet this week! :)

Hope your Easter was as restful and lovely as ours!

(There are more pictures from our Easter in a photo album called "Easter!" on our website,

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