Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Walk with Aurora

Now that the weather has warmed up, Aurora and I love going outside. Sometimes we just play in the grassy "bowl" across the road from our house, other times we walk around the college campus. On this fine day, we decided to go pick up daddy from work....

But first Mommy tried to make Aurora pose for some pictures in the clover flowers... Aurora was not pleased with the delay.

But the flowers matched her sweater so perfectly... it was a shame to waste the opportunity.

So we headed on our way...until Aurora saw a leaf.

She, of course, had to investigate this fascinating item.

For you, Mommy.

And another...

And then we resumed walking--for a few steps...

Here's another one for you, Mommy!

Look! I found another!

And look! A crack...I must carefully crawl/step over it.

Oh look! More leaves, Mommy!

And what's this weird stuff?

And this little thing? An acorn cap? What a funny name...

There's lots more of them over here! Can I put them all on this sidewalk?

Oh, yeah! We were going somewhere, weren't we?!

Climb, climb, climb to get--ooh! what's this?!!

Oh yeah, keep climbing up this loooong stairway...

Whew! Finally at the top! Can we go get daddy already?! Oh wait--what's that over there?

We did finally get to daddy, after taking 30 minutes to make a walk that typically takes 5 minutes. :)

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