Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Snippets

Let me just say, having Aurora able to communicate beyond just screaming is a wonderful thing. But....things still get confusing sometimes.

For instance, she's constantly changing the way she communicates want or desire. When she first started signing, she would sign "more" randomly and we would have to guess at what she wanted more of. Then she discovered that "please" got her a lot of stuff, so she started walking up to us and signing "please"--usually she wanted whatever we had in our hand, but not always. Then more recently, she discovered pointing--praise the Lord for pointing!!--and the object(s) of her desire became a little bit less ambiguous and I thought "Finally! She can specify what she wants!" But no.... this past week she discovered how to nod "yes," another wonderful talent that we're thrilled she's learned. We made great use of it: she would point and sign "please" and we would ask "You want this? You want this?" until she nodded "yes." But now she's started just walking up to us or other objects and nodding "yes," as if that will get her whatever it is she wants. We just can't win!! Bring on the talking, please!

She's also learned how to communicate that she's tired--or at least that she wants to go spend time in her crib... She'll start getting fussy so I'll ask her if it's "sleepytime" (which I sign simply by folding my hands and laying my head on them). Aurora will usually respond with a nod and copy me. So I'll stand up and say, "OK, let's go to your room for sleepytime," and she will follow me down the hallway (sometimes) with her head still flopped over to the side! I'm amazed that she can walk like that! :)

Sleep is another issue altogether. We're thrilled that she's begun sleeping for 3-4 hour segments of the night, sometimes even 5. Wow! I live in hope that someday I'll only have to wake up once a night. But even better is that she's begun to be able to put herself to sleep, after bouncing and jabbering in her crib by herself for a while. I'm hoping this pattern continues because bedtime is so much easier when we can rock her, feed her, cuddle, pray and then say "goodnight" and let her fall asleep in whatever way she chooses to eventually get there. Obviously, we aren't going to let her scream until she falls asleep (because she's not good at calming herself down), but as long as she's happy she will usually put herself to sleep within an hour of being put into her crib. It's a lovely thing.

Aurora's also become much more interested in eating what we are eating--not just squishing it and throwing it over the side of her tray. Yesterday and today she insisted on eating breakfast with me, so she had a small bowl of cream of wheat, just like Mommy. She does a good job of eating most of what is offered. See?

No, she didn't get any of the coffee...

Finally, we went shopping the other day because we both needed new earrings. All my favorites were worn out and Aurora's only earrings were beginning to look very well used. So Aurora got her first trip to Claire's and a new pair of earrings. Here she is showing them (well, the one that you can see) off:
From Photos for blog posts

I think this photo is my new favorite of her. She looks sooooo precious!! (Click on the photo for a larger photo--my mom wanted to see an up-close of her earrings.)

Well, I think that's all for now. I'm enjoying some peace and quiet since our little miss put herself to sleep for her nap. I'm definitely liking this new trend. Yep. :)


P.S. Don't forget to check out the microblog tab on our website. I've been having fun keeping the world up-to-date on the little cute things Aurora does every day.

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Ohhhh she IS such a sweetie!!! She looks so cute with her new earrings!!

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