Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Popsicles are a very messy matter. A very important, messy matter. I mean, really, does anyone actually know how you're supposed to eat them? Do you hold them with the icy end up so that your hand gets sticky from the dripping liquid? Or do you hold them with the icy end down so that you don't get sticky, but your neck gets a cramp trying to lick the silly treat?

Yes, popsicles are a very important, serious matter. Aurora agrees.

Aurora has her own way of solving the problem. She simply doesn't worry about the messiness. This relieves much of her worry about the whole problem of popsicles. So she has fun and eats the icy treat with another popsicle stick, bit by bit. This way she can eat what's left of the popsicle even after it's fallen on the ground!

But even more revealing of her opinion of popsicles is the way she deals with Mommy's chocolate popsicle. For Aurora, messy is the new clean. Rub it here, rub it there, enjoy it to it's fullest!

Bring on the messy!


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