Monday, March 8, 2010

Gardening--a Romance (Lots of Pictures!!)

Today Aurora assisted me in one of the more messy tasks in gardening: digging a new flower bed. She started out by helping me just by playing in the grass and trying to figure out whether she actually liked the feeling of grass on her bare feet. She apparently decided she didn't mind it because she finally ventured my direction to investigate this crumbly brown stuff I was playing in...

She was very careful and particular about touching it at first--she would gently poke it and then shake her hand off like a cat sometimes does when his paw gets wet.

Then she moved in for a closer examination...

And, as with everything at this age, careful investigation of course involves tasting!

Yummy!! It looks like chocolate around her mouth, but I promise it's not!

Finally, Aurora took the plunge and dug her tiny, adorable toes into the warm earth. Ahhh, what wonderful pleasure....

Oh yes, it was a match made in heaven.

But then tragedy struck.... [cue scary music]...mommy finished planting the dahlias and hollyhocks! With the sun sinking lower in the sky, the great, decision-making mommy declared that it was clean-up time--no dirty toesies allowed in her house!

So the hose was retrieved and gently sprayed on dirty hands, feet, knees and toes. You would have thought it was an instrument of ultimate torture by the way Aurora screamed...

Oh the pain!

The agony!

The heart-wrenching tragedy!

Yes, Aurora was separated from her beloved dirt and was clean again. How very sad. Or maybe the water was too cold, one can never tell in these type of sad, sad stories.

Tune in next time for more of Aurora's adventures!


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