Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Pizza Nights

One of my favorite memories growing up is how my family used to have homemade pizza every Friday night. Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods and being able to smell the yeasty dough, watch the beautiful crimson sauce be spread over the soft dough, and help sprinkle the final toppings, usually pepperoni and cheese, over it all just enhanced the wonderful experience. At some point in my early teenage years, the pizza making duties were turned over to me. I became THE pizza maker--what a lofty title. I had a blast experimenting with the dough (garlic salt is an awesome addition to the crust!) and playing around with toppings (you said we needed to do something with all that turkey leftover from Thanksgiving!!). Actually, I really liked the turkey on the pizza, but my family wasn't so thrilled about it. Hehe.

Anyways, now that I'm married and have a child, I've fallen into the Friday night pizza tradition again. For a while there I was trying to "do something different," whatever that means, but having the old, trusty, favorite standby of pizza on Friday nights is really such a wonderful thing. So we have now introduced Aurora to the wonders of pizza. She loves to at least be allowed to watch what I'm doing up on the kitchen counters, so I try to include her in food preparation as much as is reasonable at her age (which isn't much!).

So on this night, family pizza night, I allowed Aurora to attempt to squish out her own pizza--and I made sure Wil took some pictures! ;)

First contact...

Ewww! Look at that hand!

So I helped her.

And together we got the pizza dough squished out.

At this rate, by the time she's 5 we can have her making the pizza for us!

And for those who are curious about our pizza bakeware, we have been baking our pizza in our cast iron skillets because the dough turns out significantly fluffier (I can't think of the technical term) than when baked on the plain old pizza pan. I think that a baking stone would have the same effect, but I can't stand how those feel, so we use cast iron.


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