Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aurora's Idea of Fun

Aurora recently discovered two new ways to have fun: gathering and carrying small toys around by sticking them down the front of her shirt and bowl sitting.

Here's where she's first figuring out that there's an inside to her onesie. What a concept!

After a while, Aurora had managed to gather up all of the small toys that easily fit into her shirt and was walking around making a rather funny clinking noise. You should be able to hear it on this video. Now Aurora experiments with larger toys....

We've had to frisk her every time we're leaving the house or another place with toys (like the church nursery) because more often than not, she has some random small toy hidden inside her shirt. The silly girl has tried to make off with a number of little people toys from various church nurseries. :)

And second new skill: bowl sitting. Earlier in the day she had a much better aim, but it's still funny to watch her

Apparently putting toys into the bowl first helps her aim her sitting better...

Our little turkey has also learned to stand up on her rocking horse (that didn't take long--only one week of having it!) and how to climb from her chair up to the window sill. She's certainly keeping us busy!


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