Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Adventures at the End of September

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... a very long while. It's been crazy around here, but finally I have a bit of time to edit some videos and update you.

We had some wild adventures a month ago. We went camping with my parents the weekend of September 26th, which was when this video was taken. We arrived Friday the 25th and it was lots of fun, threatening rain, but none until after we had gone to bed. When we got up Saturday morning, it was wet, but no rain. But by the time lunchtime rolled around we were having some pretty heavy showers. We managed to get lunch by barbecuing at the fire while standing under umbrellas, as you will see in this video. Sorry about the sound of the rain, it's a little sharp, but there's not much I can do about it.

After lunch we decided to go to town since the rain was showing no signs of letting up. We spent a few hours checking stuff out in town and then headed back to the campsite. It was a good thing we did when we did! We arrived at the campground only to be told that they (the rangers, etc.) were evacuating the campground due to the danger of flash flooding. So we helped Mom and Dad strike camp as fast as we could. We weren't in any danger at any point, don't worry, we were on some of the highest ground in the campground and the rain had stopped for a bit. We managed to get all but the last few things loaded up before dark and we pulled out not too long after the sun had gone down. It had taken us under 2 hrs to pack up--yeah, my parents had a ton of junk! But I like camping their way, it's much more comfortable. :)

Mom and Dad headed home and Wil, Aurora and I continued north, heading for VA. While Wil cleaned and fixed the his parents' rental property up there, I hung out with his sister and 5 nieces. We all had lots of fun. The following video was taken on one of our quieter mornings. :)

After a week in VA, we headed home, stopping by my parents' home again on our way through. Here's a quick, cute video of Aurora doing her favorite "bouncy" doorway swing activity: spinning.

Once we got home, we got sick. Then once we were better, we took a real vacation for a few days in Atlanta and got to see an old friend and tour some of the sites there, but that's a story for another post. :)

(For those reading on facebook, please visit wilnregina.com to view the videos.)

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