Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crib Play Safari

I now bring to you, complete and uncut (read: loooong), footage of Aurora in her native environment: the crib! We encountered her when we peeked over the edge of her crib and found her awake and unaware of our presence... then she noticed our camera above her. Let's see what happens...

(This video will take significantly longer to load than the videos I typically upload, it's about 10x bigger. I also apologize for the bounciness and cut off faces/heads, I was trying to keep Aurora from seeing me and it's really hard to guess where she's going from just watching the view screen.)

This next video shows what happens after the blanket hiding our presence was removed. The native was a bit fierce at first, but settled down and seemed to warm up to us...

Finally, the surprisingly friends native decided she wanted to show off the crib bumper her mother made her and finished the visit with expressing her desire to be freed from the crib (what a forlorn face).

(For those reading on facebook, please visit to view the videos.)

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