Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why the toy basket had to go...

One day, Aurora was playing nicely with her toys.

Her favorite thing to do is to take ALL of the toys out of her toy basket.

But today she decided to try something else.

Something with this weird handle thing.

Something exciting and maybe a bit dangerous.

Something fun and different. Something very unlike her normal playing on the ground.

And she did well. So well that she disregarded her mother's admonitions to be careful.... OK, so she's like 8 months old, she can't understand what I mean, but just look at that face. You can see that sarcastic "oh mother, please!" attitude all over it!

Pride cometh before a fall. Or unsteady legs... or maybe a mother holding a camera who clicked the shutter at just the right point that she didn't see the baby fall until it was too late...

And great was her fall. Or so she made it seem. She actually landed on the soft stuff, then rolled off of it and started crying.

She got "rescued" by Mommy (who felt pretty bad about letting her fall) and was all better like 2 seconds later (which made Mommy feel much better, too). Poor thing scared herself and that's about all. And did she learn her lesson? No, of course not! So now she has a new, nice, steady toy crate. It should be able to handle little arms pulling up on it, but the steady legs are up to the baby. And Mommy doesn't feel like she can let the baby out of arm's reach...

The end.