Friday, August 7, 2009


Aurora enjoys playing quietly by herself. OK, not quietly, really, and not generally by herself, but she does like to play. Especially when that playing involves chewing on things that weren't really meant to be chewed on.

She also likes kicking. Kicking everything. I have lots of bruises to prove it.

But what happens when she realizes that Mommy isn't playing with her?

Tears sometimes. But she's also conquering this skill called "moving." Currently she moves by rolling and a little bit of wiggling. Soon she'll be scooting and crawling. Watch out world when she figures that out!

Today she got distracted on her way to visit Mommy. She found that the shoes in the entryway were worth some inspection.

Stretching out to get one...

Got it! But Mommy took it away before she could really get her mouth on it.

Here we go again...

Whoo-hoo!! I got Daddy's shoe! It's almost bigger than I am!

At that point Mommy returned Aurora to her room, where Aurora got into another fun activity. It, of course, involved chewing...


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