Monday, July 6, 2009

Life is rough...

Aurora has a new toy. It is called a "ball." The strange thing about this ball is that it keeps moving when she drops it, unlike her other toys which stay where they fall. She's not sure if she prefers the pesky ball that keeps running away from her or her toes which are almost always in reach. :) It's a good thing she has two of these "ball" things, otherwise she would never be able to play with one because it would always be out of reach. But in trying to reach one, she generally ends up near one or the other.

She's discovered that furniture is useful in chasing after these rolling things: scoot around so her feet are against the furniture and then push off--going in a completely different direction than she probably intended. Eventually she ends up somewhere near one of the balls and either kicks it farther away by accident or manages to grasp it for a few minutes of examination. Or she gives up and chews on her toes.

Yep, life is so rough.


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