Friday, July 24, 2009

Soggy, Dribbly Socks

I'm sitting here watching Aurora experiment with a sock. A clean sock, not worn since its last washing. She picked it up from a pile of laundry I had sorted and started by turning it around in her hands. Then she tasted it and yanked it out of her mouth with a sour look on her face. Then she tasted it again, and bit down on it, then yanked it out of her mouth, letting it stretch and whip out from between her clamped gums. She seems to like the sensation of the sock between her gums. There she goes again, and again.

Uh oh, now she's abandoned the sock and has rolled over to a toddler-sized shoe we were recently given. If I weren't typing this, then I would probably rescue it from her (or her from it?)... nevermind, she just wanted to look at it, not taste it. :) Back to the socks.... soggy, dribbly socks anyone?

Silly girl. Now I need to go rescue one of my nicely stacked piles of clothing before she pulls it over. Bye now.


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