Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mother of All Blow-Outs!

Aurora was playing happily on her floor-gym.

When Mommy and Daddy heard some suspicious diaper noises.
Mommy picked up Aurora to change her diaper and discovered.......the MOTHER OF ALL BLOW-OUTS!!! [Imagine scary music playing here.]

[Image censored due to gruesomeness.]

It was so horrible that instead of conquering it with wipes and powder, Mommy had to call on the aid of the heroic Bathtub and Soap to clean up the kiddo. Into the heroic Bathtub Aurora went, clothes, ineffective diaper, and all.

She was rather confused by the strange turn events had taken. Evidently, being washed while still in one's clothing is quite traumatic.
But after being relieved of her very soiled garments and washed again until squeaky clean, she felt much better.
Soon Aurora was dressed again and all was right in the land.

Then Aurora decided to spit up all over Mommy, but that's another story.


Note: The images included herein were not taken during the actual events described. Due to the nature of events, Mommy and Daddy did not have the time (nor the clean hands) to capture this event photographically. We are all sure that Aurora will be very thankful for that when she is older.

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