Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Update

We need to get better about posting regularly. Maybe once we have a better routine going with Aurora, it will be easier.


We are all doing well, though sleep deprived.

Aurora will be 6 weeks old on Sunday. She's been learning to make new little squeaks and squeals and has started to enough practicing them while eating. Funny girl. She's one we're going to have to teach not to talk with her mouth full! She loves to look around at everything (she gets upset if we don't face her outward when carrying her). She refuses to sleep almost anywhere except on our chests, but sometimes we can get away with helping her fall asleep then putting her down. Her favorite "toy" is the lava lamp--it absolutely fascinates her and sometimes it seems that she will get upset if it's not on and she wants it to be. She's almost conquered sucking on her fist, but she still doesn't have quite enough control of her hands to keep her fist where she wants it. She's growing fast and just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

I (Regina) am recovering fairly well. I'm still sore at times, can't always carry Aurora for as long as I would like, but overall am doing very well. I finally have started, at times, to have enough energy to do stuff around the house like dishes, baking, and organizing. The house has been a wreck for weeks, so I'm glad that I'm finally starting to feel up to dealing with it. Hopefully it will warm up soon and I'll be able to start going out on walks--that should help my energy levels a lot.

Wil recently received word that he was not accepted to the Masters/PhD program for which he applied. He is currently exploring several school and work options, trying to figure out what he really wants to do. Please pray with us that we find the best option for our family and don't just settle for what looks good or comfortable.

Wil's work is going well. He enjoys some of the more random assignments he receives, such as design work on some of the literature his department sends out. Most of his creative energy is focused on creating dramatic pieces for a drama tour that he and several friends will be putting on this summer. He's thrilled to be working on a performance again.

That's all for now!