Friday, February 6, 2009

Almost 2 Weeks!

Well here we are almost two weeks on and life is as crazy as ever if not more. Aurora is doing well and we are getting more in tune with her various cries so that we know what to do when instead of going down the list.

Regina is still weak and tired from birth and following sleeplessness and new patterns to life. Her mother was here for the first week which helped her a lot. Also a shout out to the many who cooked meals and helped in other ways.

I am doing ok, albeit tired and worn out. I have been taking off as much work as possible, however that has not been much as work has been in great need of me. (That will change after Saturday.)

In other news we are almost back to our own car, as the repairs from when a guy rear ended me are almost complete. A simple note however, I do not suggest anyone use Direct Insurance. (The other guy's insurance, not mine.) They have not been helpful at all in making this only a small inconvenience and have instead required constant phone calls to make sure they were doing their job, and doing what was necessary.

That's all from the Wade home front!

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